House Hunting

We have been looking to buy a house for many months now. The place we currently live is: 1. Too small, 2. A rental, 3. On a steep hill. We’ve wanted to buy a house for some time, but it hasn’t been the right time, until now. With the money we’ve saved up, the depressed housing market, and the second kid on the way, we decided now is the time. After six months of looking, and figuring out exactly what we wanted and could afford (and which of the things we want we could live without), we’ve finally started finding houses we want to buy. Unfortunately so far, so have other people. People with more money…and better timing. Each property we’ve liked that has been in our price range has had an offer accepted on it before we could make one. The first house we actually submitted an offer for had been on the market for two months, but someone else submitted an offer on the the same day we did, and for more money. We just submitted an offer on another property, and are waiting to hear back. It was put on the market Friday afternoon and it already had an offer on it Friday night. We saw it on Saturday, and immediately submitted an offer. They will probably accept offers through the end of today (Monday) and make a decision in the next couple of days, so now we wait.

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