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Long story short, we’re just two people who don’t have enough time to keep our web site up to date.

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  1. Hey there Molly and soon to be Mr. Molly! I just got your invite this week, thanks! Unfortunately due to lack of cash and that you’re getting married this coming weekend, I won’t be able to make it!

    I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with you (i figured snail mail would get there long after the event) so I’m trying this – I hope it works! Let me know your email address and I can email properly – we have so much to catch up on, I mean wow, you’re getting married!! (not that I am saying i never thought you would, it’s just a shock to hear from you really!)It’s been far too long.

    Anyway, I wait to hear from you, and if I can’t reach you before saturday, have a fantastic day! All my love, Natalie (the English gal!)xxx

  2. Hey there Molly’o! Sure wish that I could get there too, but I am looking at close to a 10 hour drive from here? Is that right? (we are in Bishop). With Jess, I just don’t see how that would work. Still wish that I could get there though. YOu guys have a swell day and I will hopefully talk to ya soon! Love ya, (the other Blonde). ;p

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