Gift Registries

We’ve registered with a couple of registries so far, and we’ll continue to update them over the next few months. We can also use gift cards from Home Depot or any of the stores we’re registered with.

Look for our list of registries on the left side of this page.

4 Replies to “Gift Registries”

  1. I didn’t think we were registered at Target, but we are registered at Olsens in Weaverville. I still need a phone number and address for them.

  2. Have you thought of registering at REI? You got to love that store – plus, I need an excuse to go there. “One for you, one for me, two for you, three for me….”

  3. I would register at REI, but I already have too much outdoor gear that I don’t use. I have at least one climbing rope that is still wrapped in plastic. However, if you want to go shopping there anyway…

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