Where to stay

We’ll be updating this as we get more information, but here are the basics:

The nearest hotel is (Best Western?) Weaverville Inn in Weaverville, CA (an hour or less from Hayfork). They begin taking reservations April 1st for July 1st. Everything else in the county is booked. There should be hotel rooms available in Redding, CA (two hours from Hayfork on I-5).

If you have an RV (or want to rent one) you can reserve a spot at the Trinity County Fairgrounds (in Hayfork) with full or partial hookups. You can also arrange to park your RV on the ranch, but there are no hookups (plan on being self-sufficient).

If you want to rent an RV, you should reserve it as soon as possible, since it will be a holiday weekend. Trailers are generally cheaper than motorhomes, but require a full size truck to tow. You can rent an RV in Paso Robles at Sky River RV. They have “trailers”:http://www.skyriverrv.com/rentals_towables.htm and “motorhomes”:http://www.skyriverrv.com/rentals_motorized.htm . You can probaly rent one in Redding, but we haven’t researched that yet. If you don’t have a tow vehicle and can’t afford to rent a motorhome, you may be able to rent a trailer in Redding and make arrangements with someone that does have a tow vehicle to tow it to Hayfork for you. You can also just pitch a tent next to the RV’s on the property. We will hopefully have portable toilet facilities and maybe even a generator at the RV camp on the ranch.

For those of you still reading, please add a comment telling us where you think you’ll be staying, so we can get an idea of how many people will be where.