We Have a HOUSE!

So we are really, really bad about updating. The last house we talked about putting an offer on we did not get. Rich went and looked at a house the afternoon John was born and came back and showed me digital video on laptop in hospital room. We put an offer on it that afternoon and then waited to hear from the bank as it was a short sale. In May they finally gave us an answer and we closed mid- June. A really long process but we are so excited to finally own our own home.

So it is a 2 bedroom/2 bath with a study, & laundry room on one acre. So plenty of room for the boys to roam. There is room for animals, garden and Rich’s radio tower. Lots of oaks to keep us cool in this hot climate- but horrible for solar as I was told this week.

So we are finally getting a chance to breathe and it now feels like our place. John is walking and Richard is talking and we are staying busy- but if you are in the area swing by and say hi.

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