A good time was had by all

People came from miles around to what has been described as “the best wedding I’ve ever been to” by more than one guest. There were fireworks Friday night, amazing food all weekend, and lots of beer and wine. If you were there, you don’t need a description. If you didn’t make it, you missed out. Thank you all for a wonderful time and all the gifts, and thank you for making the long trek to see us. There are some pictures from the wedding weekend “on Flickr,”:http://www.flickr.com/groups/richmollywedding/ please add your pictures to the group so everyone can find them. That will just about do it for this section, but keep an eye on the “main page”:http://www.mollyandrich.com for updates on our life.

It’s been a while

We’ve been a little busy lately, so we haven’t been updating the site much, plus nobody reads it anyway. We’re settling in to our new jobs and lives. We found a house to rent in Weaverville, so our commute is now fifteen minutes (if we walk). There is a spare bedroom, so come on up and visit, just give us some warning so we can turn the heat on. We had the first snow on Monday, and it didn’t completely melt until Tuesday, but it’s been dry since then. We’re supposed to get more rain/snow later this week. It’s been dropping to just about freezing overnight for a few weeks now, but warming up in the afternoons.

In other news, the Treasure Island Triathlon was a week or so ago and it went great. I drove down after work on Friday and came back Sunday night, just like the old days. I miss being able to take a day off on either side, but the drive time is about the same as it was from SLO. Molly couldn’t make this one, she was in Santa Rosa Thursday and Friday. We were going to pass each other on Friday night, and so we stopped in Williams for hugs and kisses on the way. The event went smooth, and I even had time to take a nap on Sunday. This was the last event of a busy TriCal season, so my weekends are a little less busy, just in time for holiday travelling. It’s nice to hang out with friends from my preivous life.

“Me and Coach at Treasure Island”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/rcgreenw/298323196/

I also had a chance to talk on the air with Rob, who “just got his Amateur Radio license.”:http://rcpeters.blogspot.com/2006/11/ki6gfr.html Contratulations, Rob! I’m working on getting an outside antenna so I can hit some repeaters around here. If I can hit one that supports EchoLink or IRLP, I can connect to some Bay Area and SLO repeaters and keep in touch with friends. I might even look in to setting up a local IRLP node, since the school has decent connectivity.

BTW, you might notice the timestamp indicates I posted this from work. Unlike some people I know, I didn’t change the timestamp to make it appear that I bent the laws of physics and posted it in the future. I just took a break and posted it during work. I don’t currently have internet access at home, anyway, and I might not for some time.